Recorded talk, MIPSE seminar March 2023

As part of my seminar, I was a awarded the coveted MIPSE mug by Prof., Ryan McBride.

I recently gave a talk for the Michigan Institute for Plasma Science and Engineering at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. A recording can be found here.

Pulsed-Power-Driven Plasma Physics at MIT

Abstract: In this talk I will outline the program of research which has been started at the new pulsed-power driven plasma physics group at MIT. I will discuss the motivation for our fundamental physics investigations in terms of the processes which enable energy to flow between different energy types within the plasma, and I will illustrate some of these processes with results from pulsed-power-driven experiments on magnetic reconnection and magnetized turbulence. I will show how these results lead to current and future research directions, such as radiatively cooled magnetic reconnection experiments on Z and the new PUFFIN long-pulse facility under construction at MIT.