Drachensee: above the frozen lakes

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Link to Hiking Buddies route. Note we simply went to Drachensee and back via the direct route.

Another glorious winter hike in the mountains! Tanguy joined us from Innsbruck at Garmisch and we continued on to Ehrwald. The start of the walk was a bit meh – a long section through town and then up the side of a ski slope. But once go away from the skiers we had a great time. The route loops up onto a high cliff, and the path passes through woods under steep cliffs. 

After a short, steep climb you reach the Siebensee, white and flat at this time of year, where we paused for some lunch. The next section took us down, under some impressive cliffs, and from here we could see the Coburger Hutte, our goal for the day. 

Tanguy and I were unsure whether we’d make it before we had to turn around, but Jerome was determined and set a blistering pace up the steep slopes. We arrived well within time and marveled at the incredible mountains surrounding us.

We sped back down the steep slope, the strong wind having already erased our footprints, leaving us to take a rather steeper line down than we had on the way up. Back at Siebensee, we took forty minutes to practice our avalanche safety techniques, with Tanguy burying a transciever and Jerome and I searching for it. We made several mistakes on this exercise, and so it was well worth doing!

The way back down became a bit of a slog as there is a long, monotonous uphill section before you can drop to the ski slope. We eventually ended up at a bar at the bottom of the ski slope where Jerome ate his body weight in melted butter – having had no lunch he was extremely hungry and deserved every calorie!

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